An ever changing list of the gear we’ve accumulated for recording. May or may not be up to date.

AMEK Total Audio Concepts Matchless 36x24x8

Alesis Monitor Two
Yamaha NS-10M
Sony U421 Reference Speakers

Otari MX-70 1″ Tape Recorder – 16 Channel, 7.5 IPS, 15 IPS & 30 IPS
Otari MX 5050 1/2″ Tape Recorder – 8 Channel, 7.5 IPS & 15 IPS
Otari MX 5050 BII 1/4″ Tape Recorder – 2 Channel, 7.5 IPS & 15 IPS
Tascam 22-4 1/4″ Tape Recorder – 4 Channel, 7.5 IPS & 15 IPS
Tascam 388 1/4″ Tape Recorder/Console – 8 Channel, 7.5 IPS
Ampex 440B 1/2″ Tape Recorder – 2 Track – 7.15 & 15 IPS [not currently in service]
Alesis HD24 ADAT Hard Disk Recorder – 24 Channel, 44.1k, 48k, 96k
ProTools / Apple Computer 16 in/out
Motu 828 mkII 8 Channel Digital Interface
Tascam DA-30 Digital Audio Tape Recorder
Adams Smith Zeta Three Synchronizer [What’s This?]

AudioTechnica AT2020
Audix OM-2
Beyerdynamic M-160
AKG C1000 (2)
EV 635
Roswell Mini K47
sE Electronics 4400a
Shure SM57 (x4)
Shure SM81 (x2)
Shure SM58
Various lo-fi/toy microphones
Pill Bottle Telephone Microphone by Michael Younker
Additional microphones available on request

Amek TAC Matchless (in console) x 36
Yamaha PM-400

Alesis 3630 Compressor  (x2)
ART VLA II (Dual Mono/Stereo Compressor)
DBX 160X
Klark Teknik DN510

Alesis MidiVerb III
Klark Teknik DN700
Traynor Mixer & Spring Reverb (1960s/early 1970s?)
Yamaha Rev-500
DBX 140A – 2 channel noise reduction system
DBX 150 (x2)
DBX stereo graphic equalizer


Electric Guitars (Fender)
Electric Basses (Fender)
12-string Electric Guitar (Danelectro)
Yamaha Upright Piano
Thomas Electric Organ w/ Leslie Speaker
Zuckerman Kit Harpsichord
Drum Kit (mixed)
Guitar and Bass Amplifiers (Vox, Fender, Ampeg)
Roland S-330 Sampler