subModern History

a subModern Story

subModern Audio began in 2010, in the corner a studio in Central Falls, Rhode Island. The studio has moved several times. For almost two years, 2015-16, it was on Dike Street in Providence where Bryan ReynoldsDivey, Pixels, Hot Tramps, and Leiko recorded. For a year (2016-17) we were on Vernon Street where we did the first FINE. record and Pixels’ Accessories EP. Finally we made a big jump to Cranston (2017-2020 – AKA the Elmwood Era) where we stepped up our analog game by adding 8 and 16 track Otari tape machines, an Otari mix down/mastering deck, and a 48 channel Crest board. In 2020 we made the decision to move again, this time to the Hathaway Center in Providence. The decision coincided with our acquisition of a TAC Matchless 36×24 recording console (formerly owned by Twisted Sister -seriously) which we could not physically bring into our place on Elmwood.


About me: My name is Andy Davis and I run subModern Audio. I started recording around 2000 as a teenager. I briefly studied audio engineering in 2006 at Columbia College Chicago, and graduated with a photography BA in 2011. My photography is also analog. I’ve played and toured with a few bands, currently with The Bendays, and have recorded and engineered dozens of records.  (Photo by Amy Montali, 2018)


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