Where do I get tape?

Yes, tape is being manufactured even right now. There’s even a brand new company producing 1/4″ tape called Capture. We generally use new ATR Master Tape, or RTM SM911 or SM468. We occasionally will pick up used tape to save $. If you’re looking for used tape on eBay we recommend Scotch 996, Quantegy 456 & Quantegy 499 [NOT AMPEX!] or any EMTEC tape – but it is always a gamble! Please let us know if you plan to use a used reel, or are interested in used tape.

Can I record digital @ subModern?

YES. We have have a current version of Pro-Tools and a 24-track digital recorder, and we aren’t afraid to use themIf you want to work digital, cool, we can do it! At the end of the day it’s about the music –> drop us a line.

 What about hybrid (analog + digital) recording?

Sure. We can digitize anything to ‘stems’ and we can bounce anything back to tape. Give us as much detail about your project as you can when you contact us.