Spring Update

The winter went by fast with all kinds of projects. We’ve also acquired some new gear, built some new infrastructure (is that the word for it?) and our front door has a nice new logo. Still dreaming of a neon sign for the window.

New stuff
Yamaha upright piano
moveable & colorful sound baffles [with help from Bob Davis!]
new microphones {more on this later?}
subModern audio sign for door [courtesy of Bob Davis!]
NS-10M monitors

In Progress
Synchronization system for our tape machines (!!!)
Signal delay system for phase aligning sources (in the analog realm)
New custom rack unit [courtesy, again, of Bob Davis!]

Below: Sound baffle construction with Bob Davis at Tri-Power [Left], baffles in action during a radio promo with Rudy Cheeks of the Young Adults for Providence Community Radio.


Extraordinary Rendition Band at the end of a long tracking session (April 2018).



Below: A Sasquatch-esque photo of our new piano before it moved to its permanent home.

look at that piano.png

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